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Fly Fishin' With Claire :P

Earlier today I went to the shopping store and bought a new pair of underwears because mine suck ass. I also picked up some freezies and me and Claire ate them in the parking lot outside of my apartment building. We talked about the upcoming fishing season and what would be the best tackle. Claire and I don't really find fishing interesting, in fact, as far as I know, neither of us have done it before in our lives, but you know, it was fun. She suggested worms. I suggested flies. She suggested nachos. I suggested cheesie-os. She suggested waiting 'til spring, or even summer. I suggested ice fishing. But then I thought about the idea of sitting on ice fishing. And I thought maybe no. No, maybe not.

And then we bought some icecream and ate that in the park. It was a balmy snowy winters day. Cold as fuck! But it was our summer in our hearts.

We're not dating, btw!!!

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