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Out from under my rock...

After the Golden Globes I thought I'd take a little break from the media and all that, so I also took a break from TV, computer, radio, and people for a few days. Which means I missed the Super Bowl. I hope I didn't miss anything saucy.

Speaking of the Globes, when I presented that award to the Lord of the Rings gang, not one of the ingrates even gave me a hug or anything. And I expected at least Liv or Cate to give me a little kiss, but no. I actually especially expected Cate to kiss me or something, seeing as we became such good friends on the set of The Aviator. Oh well... at least Gwen was nice to me.

Oh, a funny story. I took a cab to the Globes, and I got in the back so that I wouldn't be bothered by any of those friggin' reporters. Hey, at least us guys don't get bgged about "who (we're) wearing".

I haven't watched any TV since the sunday before last. I can't stand all that post-award show coverage. Or pre-award show coverage, for that matter.

Next year, you'll see, Leo will have a nomination! Yep! Leo's talking in the third person! Leo will be nominated for his greatass work in The Aviator! You mark my words!

No really, mark my words. :P

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